Monday, November 28, 2016

The Tanzanian Community in the USA

Mama Martha at Dulles Airport

It is Mama Martha Committee’s great pleasure to announce that our committee has come to an end with great accomplishments. Our goal was to assist Mama Martha with her medical setbacks and accommodations while here in Washington, DC .

First, we would like to thank the committee members for a job well done. Special recognition is given to our hosts members, Mama Mwimanzi, Dada Eunice, and Dada Rukia.

Second, we would like to thank the Doctors that assisted Mama Martha, especially the doctors at the Muslim community Center Medical Clinic in Silver Spring.

Third, special thanks to All Afrika Travel & logistics for transporting Mama Martha’s belongings to Dar es Salaam Tanzania, free of charge.

In summary, Mama Martha was able to undergo a successful pacemaker surgery at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland. We were able to contact her family back in Tanzania, and after a full recovery we were able to transport her and her belonging back to her family in Tanzania.

Again, special thanks to her friend Mama Ladonna of Minnesota for tickets and Dada Rukia for traveling with mama Martha. Most of all, thanks to everyone that contributed financially, gave of their time and prayed to ensure we were successful in our mission.

On behalf of our committee chairman, thank you to all committee members for going above and beyond during the time period Mama Martha was under our care.

The committee is officially closed. It was a pleasure working with all of the Tanzanians in the DMV and around the country. Together, we accomplished as Tanzanians!

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