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Mustafa Hassanali addresses a safe motherhood campaign during press conference held at Habari Maelezo today, right is Ms Rose Mlay, the country coordinator of White Ribbon Alliance and Safe Motherhood in Tanzania
Mustafa Hassanali addressing the issue of Mamma Mia Fashion show at Habari Maelezo
The Tanzanians Renowed fashion designer, Mustafa Hassanali speaks with Journalists at Habari Maelezo about Mamma Mia

  • Mustafa Hassanali advocated for safe motherhood in Tanzania
  • Tanzania’s First Free for all Fashion Show on 5 March.
  • Need for More Government funding to reduce Maternal Mortality.

The ‘mamma mia’  charity fashion show  in aid White Ribbon Alliance in association with Vodacom foundation which is aimed at promoting safe motherhood together with celebrating 50 years of Tanzania independence and   hundred years of international women’s day is now a reality.

Speaking at the launch, Tanzanians internationally Renowned fashion designer, Mustafa Hassanali says “ I shall launch my New afro glam collection  during the ‘mamma mia’  show on 4 & 5 of March in Dar es salaam and look forward for  support from People from all walks life , to my cause of promoting safe Motherhood in aid Of White Ribbon Alliance”

“Mamma Mia  ” which will be held on Friday 4 of March at the Moevenpick royal Palm hotel from 8.30PM onwards and on Saturday 5 at Mnazi Mmoja ground at 3.30 pm is a perfect celebratory platform bringing people together to disseminate information on safe Motherhood.

“I am very excited to be the First to have the First Free for all Fashion Show on the 5th  of March aimed not only to promote Safe Motherhood but also to make fashion more accessible to the Mass at the Mnazi Mmoja grounds” stated Hassanali

Naming the event as Mamma MIA, the name which inspired not only after the classic hit music from ABBA, but also ‘Mia’ stands for hundred in Kiswahili Celebrating Hundred years of International Women’s Day, Mustafa added, “the Entrance to the Free Show on 5th March is only One Hundred shilling as a contribution from each individual in our country who shall have indirectly contributed towards fund raising purposely for helping safe motherhood in the country.”

Adding to the point of safe motherhood, the country coordinator of white ribbon and safe motherhood in Tanzania, Ms Rose Mlay said that, since 2004, they were campaigning and asks government to increase budget on health facilities and health workers, so as to reduce the maternal death resulted from pregnancy complications.

“Up to this moment, only 51% of all women in Tanzania giving birth under a proper and desirable care from health specialists, and the only reason for that is, lack of facilities and shortage of health workers in most regions in Tanzania, this is not good, because every women has the right to safe delivery in the presence of a health professionals, that’s why we are campaigning for safe motherhood” added Ms Mlay.

Advocacy of such nature cannot be possible without partnership and support from various organizations. Mamaa Mia in Aid of White Ribbon Alliance in association with The Vodacom Foundation is also supported by  Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Programs in Tanzania,The Citizen, Uhuruone, Moevenpick Royal Palm Hotel, Ultimate Security, Novamedia, Darling Hair, and Image Masters.

Among other designers who shall participate on this campaign are, an award winning designer from Zanzibar, Farouque Abdella, and the two British celebrity designers Henrietta Ludgate and Minna Hepbum, all from London Fashion Week.

Note to Editors:

Mustafa Hassanali, a creative entrepreneur believes in the ‘never say die’ attitude and uses his talent and creativity in making a better today and tomorrow for the fashion fraternity along various  social causes very close to his heart. Mustafa is truly a fashionista personified!

Mustafa’s work has been highly appreciated at international levels. His showing at the Fashion Business Angola, FAFA (Festival of African Fashion and Arts in Kenya), Africa Collection in Douala, Cameroon, India International Fashion Week 20009, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief 2009, Arise Africa Fashion week 2009, Durban & Cape Town Fashion Weeks, Vukani Fashion Awards in Pretoria, Miss Ethiopia Beauty Pageant, Mediterranean Fashion Festival in Sicily, Italy; M’Net Face of Africa, Mozambique, Uganda & Kenya Fashion Weeks has brought him immense adulation.

The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition which pushes for change to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women and newborns around the world.

In some cultures, white symbolizes mourning and in others it symbolizes hope and life. As such, the white ribbon is dedicated to the memory of all women who have died needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth.

Since its launch in 1999, the White Ribbon Alliance – now a rapidly growing global movement with members in 148 countries – has been amplifying the voices of women and their communities, and is now a leader among those holding governments and institutions to account for the tragedy of maternal mortality.

About Mustafa Hassanali and White Ribbon Alliance
Mustafa Hassanali is a fashion designer who has worked closely with White Ribbon Alliance, he has previously worked with the global white Ribbon alliance together with Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief where He helped raised more than 65,000 US Dollars for the Tanzanian Chapter of White Ribbon Alliance in 2009.

Mustafa Hassanali who has a medical Background believes passionately in using fashion as means to fundraise and advocate dissemination of health related information to society.

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