Sunday, June 10, 2018

DICOTA Bungeni

As one of the key stakeholders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, DICOTA was honored to receive an invitation to be the guest of Hon. Mahiga during the delivery of his 2018-19 Budget speech. DICOTA is equally excited to see that funding for the formulation of the Diaspora Policy was included in the approved budget. We encourage the ministry to include ALL diaspora stakeholders on the formulation of the policy.

Pictured below following passage of ...the budget: Amb. Mbega- Diaspora Director; Lunda Asmani DICOTA; Hon. Mahiga- Minister; Hon. Kolimba- Deputy Minister; Amb. Mwinyi- Deputy PS; Amb. Mkenda- PS; Amb. Mushy-Dept. of Multilateral Cooperation; and Amb. Hamza - Head- Foreign Affairs Zanzibar.

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