Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What is the Diaspora Council? What Has Been Achieved?

Who Are We?
The Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) is a membership organization. The purpose of DICOTA is to unite and strengthen the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters, in order to enhance the economic, health, and social well-being of Tanzanians in America and at home.

Our Mission & Governance
We believe in engaging the Tanzanian American Diaspora and its supporters in promoting, enhancing and sustaining the relationship between the United States and Tanzania. DICOTA is led by a seven member Executive Committee and is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees. All positions are selected through a member election process. Meet our leaders.

Our Recent Initiatives
Tanzania Constitutional Review Participation
In 2014 while collaborating with Tanzania community leaders, DICOTA was very active with the constitutional review process in parliament, including having a member from the diaspora in America appointed to the Constitution Assembly in Dodoma.
Tanzania National Diaspora Policy Participation
In order to enhance DICOTA’s ability to effectively engage in advocacy for diaspora issues, DICOTA is in the early stages of working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation to develop a proposal for the Tanzania Diaspora policy.

Investments, Remittances and Trade
Understanding that the diaspora has an important role to play in our country’s progress towards middle income nation by providing resources that can be used in education, technology, and industrialization initiatives, DICOTA is working to match the needs for capital in Tanzania, with the potential for inward diaspora funds that will be used to match need to availability, these included but not limited to: Diaspora Bank Accounts, Diaspora Investment Funds and Diaspora Crowdfunding.

Diaspora Philanthropy – Gender, Health and Youth Issues
On November 11th, 2017, DICOTA hosted a health forum on the Role of Tanzania’s Diaspora in Improving Healthcare in Greenbelt, MD. Over 130 professionals attended from Tanzania and within the U.S. Diaspora, encompassing government Officials, healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and administrators), public health interventionists, business and nonprofit leaders. The forum brought a diverse and dynamic group of speakers who provided in-depth insights as well as successful practical tools, methods, and mechanisms in areas the Tanzania Diaspora can become more effective, such as health care investment, education and outreach. Her Excellency, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, Permanent Representative of the African Union Representational Mission to the United States of America, delivered the address. His Excellency Wilson M. Masilingi, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United States and Mexico, delivered the welcome.
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