Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In Memory of Judge Raphael B. Maganga

In memory of Judge Raphael B. Maganga
Died 16th August 1986

Dad, days come by sunrise and end by sunset. Indeed, days have today turned into 30 years since you answered God's call on that fateful morning of 16th August 1986 and yet it seems like it's only yesterday when we had you in our midst. To others you are gone and forgotten but to us your legacy lives on.

Dad, Many may think that after 30 years the wounds are completely healed. But little do they know of the scars that lie in the hearts concealed. The memories you left are beautiful though the sorrow too great to be told to those who loved you. The years may wipe out many things but the memory of you they will wipe out never!!!!. Dad, in our hearts you live still, and as we loved you, so we miss you. You are not forgotten nor ever shall you be; as long as life and memory last we shall remember thee, our great mentor.

As we fondly this day we celebrate years of life that was lived with grace, integrity, honour and humility. We miss you Dad.

Fondly remembered by your beloved children Nelly, Gerald, Louisa, Alice, Susan, Andrew. Your son in laws Pascal, Rikard, Peter, Alvin, your grand children Jadden, Nelly, Andrew, Simon, Mercy and Michayla.

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